Next part of Suggestions I send for you, Shinezone:

General Suggestion

  1. Either increase overall stats of Towers, Heroes and Magic Skills or reduce enemy stats.
  2. Add more Magic Skills' Upgrades.
  3. Add a Special Attack Bar for Heroes. For example, it shows the Rage needed for a special attack to launch. Sir Lance Alotte will deal massive damage to enemies, especially fliers and block them. 
  4. Add a Level Editor
  5. Make a new World Map and a full Storyline, improve Quests rewards
  6. Open new Blitz Acres waves, new Lv 70 or more equipments
  7. A third Crown Port Map and more Mysterious Island places to be explored
  8. Enable Dig Events to collect things for a full time, not only a week
  9. Unlock more F2P contents and clear details about them
  10. Focus on improving Fighting Pits and Prison, add some technologies for these features. For example: More Rewards, Resources Protect...
  11. Open a Bestiary for more info on Enemies and their stats & special abilities.
  12. Improve Events. Allow us to receive F2P rewards in P2P Events if you complete a milestone.
  13. Allow us to invite friends in AG and Kongregate. If you don't add this, delete that mention.
  14. Add Guild. Everyone is waiting for that!
  15. Don't use automated messages, take some time answering your players' concerns and grant their wishes.
  16. Reduce the speed multiplier in Golditerring Cavern.
  17. 'Increase Manor's income and add more new kinds of plants. '
  18. Increase Fighting Pits rewards. For example, Honor and Tear of Shiva
  19. 'Hide Hero Icons in Battles, merge the item panel into magic skills.:(: int(::;:;  *,. asdfasgb'
  20. Allow to assign a Hero in the Reinforcements skill. Since we there's no 4th Hero slot, it'll be better to send a Hero into the front lines along with his reinforcements, albeit temporarily.
  21. Show the heroes and towers' skills cooldown, allow manual targeting for some skills.
  22. Increase the real value of items.
  23. Make Magic Talents more powerful, reduce Essences exchange ratio from 10:1 into 5:1
  24. Allow heroes to have magic armor. If a monster has physical and magic armor, display both of them.
  25. Make Treasure Hunters' bags have more rare items (at a low chance)
  26. Unlock the last Outfit set
  27. Make Blitz Acres auto-fight CD time depend on fortification level: For example, Very Easy: 5 minutes, Easy: 10 minutes, Normal: 15 minutes, Hard: 20 minutes, Very Hard: 25 minutes
  28. Open a New World Boss
  29. 'Add the music for Mech Warship & Virtual Illusions'
  30. Modify the VIP system and reduce the diamonds requirement
  31. Make an achievement system and reward you if a milestone is completed
  32. Update the Online Reward
  33. 'Open more Title Levels'
  34. Make Augment increase more Battle Power when upgrading Heroes Ranks
  35. Buff Castle Technologies and add new ones
  36. Allow us to exchange some certain items
  37. Show both Physical Armor and Magic Armor in monsters' stats
  38. Allow us to auto-sweep Blitz Acres waves if completed, also increases Battle Drum boost limit.

​Tower Suggestions

  1. Improve Jungle Warfare Focus, Dragooner Broiling Flames by %, not actual number.
  2. Increase Dragooner Dragon's Anger damage and its area of effect.
  3. Unlock more Tower Talents
  4. Reduce Tower and Magic cost
  5. Make Tower Talents description clear.
  6. Add Elementals' abilities. They're no more than a meatshield.
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