Attention everyone,

In order to make The King of Towers Wiki more active, I have founded a High Council and promoted some highlighted titles:

Wiki Grand Council Masters (gives all control and chancellor over the Wiki): Me

Wiki Grand Masters (support GCM): ExSpL0Si0N

Wiki Masters (also the adminstrators and bureaucrats, counting staff members): HyperDreamJeahra, Merrystar

Wiki Advisors (give advice for Wiki Master and also have some responsiblities from Wiki Master): Angren, Maive17, Ebjay

Wiki Supporters (update the latest edit): Hena wp (Chat moderator), LeoWoo, Madcookiedough

Wiki Operators: Shadowblack, Shandlar4, Doctus1

Please feel free to ask me if you want!

There are also some objectives for you to do, see Special:Statistics. If you can complete it, you will get a Legendary Reward.

Hoanganh13 (talk) 15:53, June 1, 2015 (UTC) Hoanganh13

More missions waiting to be added later!

Objectives Points Needed Points Difficulty
Make 400 edits 50 Start Easy
Reach 600 pages 150 Start Easy
Be active for at least 30 days 50 Start Medium
Add 30 more photos 175 Start Hard
Becoming an admin of this wikia (Optional) 200 250 Hard
Add a video 75 Start Medium
Make 15 articles with at least 250 words at start 200 Start Hard
Make 150 articles with at least 1000 words at start, be active for at least 100 days, make 7500 edits 1000 2000 Impossible (Endurance)

There are also points exchange for you. When you get certain points, you will receive a reward from me.

Objective Points

Rewards My own value (I don't know about this)
100  1000 Gold, 500 Honor $1
250 Official approval from Hoanganh13 N/A
600 2000 Gold, 1000 Honor $2
1300 4000 Gold, 2000 Honor and 1 Heroic Medal $3.5
2100 6000 Gold, 3000 Honor, 2 Heroic Medal and 1 Dark Soul Crystal $7
3000 8000 Gold, 4000 Honor, 4 Heroic Medal, 2 Upgrade Tome and 2 Dark Soul Crystal $15
4000 10000 Gold, 5000 Honor, 6 Heroic Medal, 3 Upgrade Tome, 15 Engineering Quarter and Magic Ward Pure/Quality Resources, 20 Mysterious Mushroom, 500 Tear of Shiva and 3 Dark Soul Crystal, 100 Hard wood

Approval Mininum Requirement

  • Wiki New Member: 1 edit
  • Wiki Messenger: 5 edits
  • Wiki Controller: 20 edits
  • Wiki Operator: 50 edits
  • Wiki Supporter: 100 edits
  • Wiki Advisor: 200 edits + Basic skill
  • Wiki Master: 500 edits + Ace leadership
  • Wiki Grand Master: 2000 edits + Intermediate leadership
  • Wiki Grand Council Master: 6000 edits + Master level in Leadership
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