Soldiers is a generic term for your Warriors, Archers, Mages and Cannoners.

Three buildings are connected with your soldiers:

  • Barracks: Here you recruit your soldiers for gold, and also increase the maximum amount of soldiers you can deploy in a single battle.
  • Hall of Heroes: Here you can improve your soldiers' PVP stats, and through them your Battle Power.
  • Rural Camp: Increase the maximum amount of soldiers for each of your heroes' soldiers.

Soldiers are needed for PVP battles in the Prison and the Boss Clash. See on each page for details.

On the Fighting Pits the only number that matters is the maximum deployable soldiers, but you do not actually deploy or lose them.


Unlock at Kingdom Level 16.

Soldiers PVP stats can be improved though each of their associated heroes in the Hall of Heroes. You must unlock each hero before you can improve its associated soldiers. This requires huge amounts of Tear of Shiva and after the first upgrades, other assorted resources, and increase your Battle Power. When you upgrade, the cooldown will increase, preventing you from overupgrading.

Each hero has their own Soldier Arms and 6 abilities to upgrade. Those abilities in turn improve the following factors in PVP battles:

  1. Grants soldiers increased damaged in PVP battles
  2. Soldiers take less damage in PVP battles
  3. Increases maximum soldier limit

After you upgrade those abilities to the limit, you can advance the arm and start next stage of upgrades. You must upgrade all abilities of a certain kind of soldier before you can start the next stage of this soldier, but different soldiers can be at different stages. Some stages require that their associated hero is at a certain Rank.

Soldier Arms


From Kingdom Level 30 onwards, Tears of Shiva are more useful to upgrade Tower Talents (see Engineering Quarter) for they have the same Gold/BP ratio but they also improve the Tower Defense part of the game).

However, Soldier Upgrades are still useful if you're concentrating on the PVP part of the game.

Boost from Soldiers

Tier Attack + Defense Soldiers Requirement
0 2% 50
1 5% 250
2 14% 700 Hero Rank C+
3 30% 1500 Hero Rank B
4 55% 2750 Hero Rank B+
5 Hero Rank A

Note. Tier 5 does not exist in the game at the moment.

Soldiers Items

Category Tier Type Equipment 1 (Attack) Equipment 2 (Defense) Equipment 3 (Soldiers)
Warrior 0 New Recruit Basic Saber, Basic Armor Simple Helmet, Basic Wrist Guard Wooden Shoulder Guard, Coarse Boots
1 Infantry Long Sword, Iron Armor Standard Helmet, Iron Wrist Guard Iron Shoulder Guard, Iron Boots
2 Elite Infantry Doubled-edged Blade, Thorn Armor Steel Helmet, Titan Wrist Guard Steel Shoulder Guard, Steel Boots
3 Knight Sword of Glory, Armor of Glory Knight's Helmet, City Fortress Alloy Shoulder, Boots of Glory
4 Gladiator Body Piercer, Gladiatory Skin Gladiator Helmet, Blood-dyed Bracer Power Shield, Nimble Boots
Archer 0 Archer Curved Wooden Bow, Archer's Cloth Coarse Glove, Brown Cap Wooden Shoulder Guard, Coarse Leather Boots
1 Skilled Archer Iron Bow, Archer's Leather Leather Gloves, Leather Helmet Leather Shoulder Guard, Fine Leather Boots
2 Marksman Elven Longbow, Elven Leather Elven Helmet, Elven Gloves Elven Boots, Elven Shoulder Guard
3 Guerrilla Spirit-wood Bow, Forest Skin Green Hat, Magic Arrow Dragon-skin Quiver, Magic Gloves
4 Musketeer Explosive Firearms, Snipers Clothes 130 Goggles, Steel Bullets Recoil Gloves, Large Ammunition
Mage 0 Apprentice Weak Staff, Basic Mage Robe Basic Mage Hat, Mana Hand Cloth Shoes, Coarse Belt
1 Master Skilled Staff, Skilled Mage Robe Quality Mage Hat, Magic Hand Leather Belt, Master Shoes
2 Sorcerer Socerer's Staff, Socerer's Shoes Socerer's Robe, Socerer's Belt Socerer's Grip, Socerer's Hat
3 Holy Mage Sacred Wings, Trial Sword Angel Pack, Sacred Hat Haeven's Blessing, Energy Bracers
4 Grand Witch Flirtatious High-heel, Gale Bracer Natural Law Pack, Storm Scarf Nature's Charm, Lighting Ring
Cannoner 0
1 Skilled Artillery Shockproof Armor, Craftsman's Wrench Shockproof Helmet, Blast Gauntlets Shockproof Belt, Fireproof Boots
2 Royal Artillery Royal Engineer Armor, Master Wrench Royal Engineer Helmet, Technician's Grip Multifunctional Belt, Master Boots
3 Metal Artillery Deformed Armor, Automatic Reloader Deadly Control Helmet, Large Flint Exploding Shells, Multi-function Spanner
4 Pyrobat Dragon-skin Armor, Flamegun Dragon-skin Helmet, Burner Dose Oil Tank, Fire-proof Spanner

Upgrade cost

Soldier Upgrade Cost
Table collapsed for space
Tier 0: +10BP/step, 5 max step, 30 step in total (Cooldown: 5 minutes)

23 Gold/BP (with Advance included)

1-5 5 Tears of Shiva
Tier 1: +35BP/step, 10 max step, 60 step in total

28 Gold/BP (with Advance included)

Note: This tier has a better Gold/BP Ratio (46) than all other tiers (50), prior to Advance
1-10 16 Tears of Shiva, 1 Rainbow Ore
Tier 2: +80BP/step, 15 max step, 90 step in total, need hero rank C+ (Cooldown: 10 minutes)

29 Gold/BP (with Advance included)

1-10 40 Tears of Shiva, 1 Fairy Wood
11-15 40 Tears of Shiva, 2 Fairy Wood
Tier 3: +170BP/step, 20 max step, 120 step in total, need hero rank B

26 Gold/BP (with Advance included)

1-10 85 Tears of Shiva, 1 Black Gold
11-20 85 Tears of Shiva, 2 Black Gold
Tier 4: +260BP/step, 25 max step, 150 step in total, need hero rank B+

50 Gold/BP (no Advance possible)

1-10 130 Tears of Shiva, 1 Notch Rock
11-20 130 Tears of Shiva, 2 Notch Rocks
21-25 130 Tears of Shiva, 3 Notch Rocks
Total costs for each tier.
Table collapsed for space
Level Tears Per Upgrade Number of Upgrades Total Tears per Hero Total Tears for all Heroes Total Cost for all Heroes
0 5 30 150 600 60,000
1 16 60 960 3,840 384,000
2 40 90 3,600 14,400 1.440,000
3 85 120 10,200 40,800 4,080,000
4 130 150 19,500 78,000 7,800,000
TOTAL 506 450 34,410 137,640 13,764,000


If you have updated a hero and maxed its steps, you can click its "Advance" button to the next Tier and increase some BP.

  • Tier 0 to 1: +360 BP
  • Tier 1 to 2: +1300 BP
  • Tier 2 to 3: +5400 BP
  • Tier 3 to 4: +19600 BP
  • Tier 4 to 5: +????? BP


Tier 2 Archer

Tier 2: Marksman