Hero Sir Lance Alotte Upgrade

Upgrading Rank improves several stats of the heroes. Plus some soldiers upgrades require that their associated hero is above a certain rank.

Rank is shown as a letter, from "C" to "A", with a "+" between levels (from C to C+ to B to B+ to A)

The rank is upgraded at the Hall of Heroes. The hero must be of level 30+ to unlock the "Upgrade" button. Note that your hero cannot be training at the time of the upgrade.


Resource amounts
RankLevelGoldHonorDark Soul CrystalSoul Shard

Soul Shards

Besides the steep gold, honor and Dark Soul Crystal cost, each hero needs a specific upgrade item, which is different for each hero:

Effects of Rank

An increased rank implies an automatic upgrade to the hero's stats, skills, and battle power.

Plus, you need a certain rank to:

See the individual heroes' pages for the effect of Rank in them

Soul Shards Sources

  • Buy them: 100 diamonds each in the Marketplace.
  • Hero Upgrade Chest: They contain just one Soul Shard. The type is random, with chances being 40% for Gold Knight, 30% for Warrior Ranger, 20% for Legendary Mage and 10% for Explosive Expert.
    • Win 2 Hero Upgrade Chest every 28 days at the Daily Check section of the Reward Center (the only dependable way)
    • You can gain a Hero Upgrade Chest on the Boss Battle if you either rank 1-3 in damage or deal the killing blow.
    • In the Battle of Kings regular event, the winner, finalists and semi-finalists receive 1-4 Hero Upgrade Chests.
  • Blitz Acres
  • Supply Station: Each run has a 20% chance of finding a special chest. This chest has a 47.5% chance to contain each of the resources of the particular supply run, but it also has:
    • 2% chance of Gold Knight Soul Shard
    • 1.5% chance of Warrior Ranger Soul Shard
    • 1% chance of Legendary Mage Soul Shard
    • 0.5% chance of Explosive Expert Soul Shard

Soul Shards Strategy

TL;DR Version
  • Level up a hero to 30 (and then 40, 50, 60 and 70) ASAP
  • Beat Blitz Acres levels 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 ASAP. Beat them all everyday. They have the best rewards for Sir Lance Alotte, Robin, Korina and Durin.
  • Sign-in every day to the Daily Check section of the Reward Center to get the Mystery Reward (requires 28 logins in a given month. They don't have to be consecutive).
  • Unlock the three sections of the Supply Station ASAP. Make sure you can send up to three supply runs at the same time.
  • Send 8 or more supply runs each day to match the Mystery Reward.
  • Be prepared to spend half a year for Sir Lance Alotte, Robin and Korina, and an additional year for Durin to join them.
General considerations
  • This strategy assumes you don't want to spend diamonds, or if you do, that you want to spend the minimum possible amount.
  • We will ignore the Rank and Killing Blow rewards from Poseidon due to unpredictability, sheer numbers against you (unless you are consistently dealing damage on the top spots), and limited amount (maximum 8/day/battle group).
  • We will similarly ignore Battle of Kings due to limited amount of prizes (4/month among all battle groups)
  • This leaves the Supply Station, Blitz Acres and Mystery Reward as the only dependable options.

Mystery Reward

The most straightforward source. It gives two shards every 28 days, with known percentages. Applying percentages to number of shards, we see we can expect (on average) every 28 days:

  • 0.8 Knight shards
  • 0.6 Ranger shards
  • 0.4 Mage shards
  • 0.2 Explosive shards

The advantage of this source is that since the number of chests is fixed and known, the shard numbers will be the closest to the average of all Soul Shard sources.

Blitz Acres

This is simple. If you can beat the required waves, you have a chance at the rewards. You only play it once per day (if you're going to spend 50 diamonds for another chance, better spend 100 and buy the Soul Shard alright). So, for each 28 days (to compare with Mystery Reward) you'll see (on average)

  • Knight: 2.76 shards
  • Ranger: 1.4 shards
  • Mage: 1.4 shards
  • Expert: 0.6 shards

As you can see, this is easily the most rewarding path. However, there are two problems:

  • You need to actually be able to beat waves 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 to be able to get the rewards, so this will have to wait.

Supply Station

This is the most complicated option. But playing it right (assuming enough gold, Supply Station slots and synchronization to send at least 8 daily supply runs) yields at least as much shards as the Mistery Reward, and potentially up to twice as much (although this would require VIP 5).

First, your limits. Supposing you play your timing exactly right, you can send up to three supply runs on each slot each day (base time, cooldown 8 hours). Since each run has a 20% chance for a chest, you should better send them all with gold.

  • VIP 1 (200 diamonds spent, ~$15) reduces 20% the cooldown. Supposing this means new cooldown is 80% of 8 hours, that is 384 minutes, or 3,75 runs each day (it rounds at 15 every 4 days).
  • VIP 5 (10000 diamonds spent, ~$769) reduces 40% the cooldown. Supposing this is not cumulative, then new cooldown is 60% of 8 hours. This is 288 minutes, and now you can make 5 runs every day from each slot.

In summary, with perfect timing, you can make 3 to 5 runs per slot, depending on your VIP level. And since there are three slots, you can make 9 to 15 runs per day. We'll consider multiples of 3: 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 runs, to save space. If you make, for example, 8 runs a day, your reward will be over the one for 6, but a little below the one for 9 runs, and so on.

From this follows a long series of calculations, concluding in this beautifully simple table. For each 28 days (to be comparable to the Mystery Reward) you will get (on average, and consider your numbers could take a long time to approach average) this many Shards:

Avg. # of Shards every 28 days
Daily Supply Runs
All types0,841,682,523,264,18

At 8 runs per day, the rewards from the Supply Station reach the point where they start yielding slightly more Shards than the Mystery Reward (this is true for all heroes, which hints at a game design decision). This level is achievable by any free player, although it requires almost perfect timing and some investments to unlock the 3 slots. Remember it will also cost you 6400 gold/day.

Your total shards

Simply by adding all three sources above you'll be able to calculate your average estimated number of shards every 28 days. For example, if you just made a level 30 Hero, and you've beaten Blitz Acres to level 32, and you can send 6 Supply Runs every day (due to imperfect sync, limited slots or lack of gold) you'll get

Example soul shards gain
TypeFrom Mystery RewardFrom Blitz AcresFrom Supply RunsTotal
Gold Knight Soul Shard0,82,760,674,23
Warrior Ranger Soul Shard0,6N/A0,501,1
Legendary Mage Soul Shard0,4N/A0,340,74
Explosive Expert Soul Shard0,2N/A0,170,37

So, in this example the 10 shards to upgrade each hero from C to C+ will take (rounding up months to consider Mystery Rewards) 3 months for Sir Lance Alotte, 9 months for Robin, 14 months for Korina and 27 months for Durin. These are not cumulative! I.e, after 9 months both Sir Lance Alotte and Robin should (on average) have enough Soul Shards to upgrade.

Free Player Maximum

Without any VIP levels (though VIP 1 should be possible to a free player after a few months of Tavern diamonds) you are limited to 9 supply runs each day. If course, if you are willing to buy a couple of Shards with Diamonds you will automatically reach VIP 1.

Free player maximum Soul Shards gain
TypeFrom Mystery RewardFrom Blitz AcresFrom Supply RunsTotal
Gold Knight Soul Shard0,82,761,014,57
Warrior Ranger Soul Shard0,61,400,762,76
Legendary Mage Soul Shard0,41,400,502,3
Explosive Expert Soul Shard0,2N/A0,250,45

This is 3 months for Sir Lance Alotte, 4 months for Robin, 5 months for Korina and 22 months for Durin

Option: Buy 2 Durin shards, reach VIP 1, max 11 (avg) daily runs
TypeFrom Mystery RewardFrom Blitz AcresFrom Supply RunsTotal
Gold Knight Soul Shard0,82,761,234,79
Warrior Ranger Soul Shard0,61,400,922,92
Legendary Mage Soul Shard0,41,400,622,42
Explosive Expert Soul Shard0,20,70,311,21

This keeps the same time Sir Lance Alotte and Robin, but Korina may take 4 or 5 months and Durin's wait will be reduced to the 16 months needed to accumulate the other 8 shards (20 months if you reach VIP 1 through other spending and still need to get 10 shards)

Theoretical Maximum

This table is given for the optimal case: a player which has VIP Level 5, sends out 15 supply runs every day, and beats Blitz Acres daily in full. Of course, it's cheaper to buy the Soul Shards with diamonds than to reach VIP 5.

Theoretical maximum Soul Shards gain
TypeFrom Mystery RewardFrom Blitz AcresFrom Supply RunsTotal
Gold Knight Soul Shard0,82,761,675,23
Warrior Ranger Soul Shard0,61,401,253,25
Legendary Mage Soul Shard0,41,400,842,64
Explosive Expert Soul Shard0,2N/A0,420,62

This time, Sir Lance Alotte will upgrade in 2 months, Robin in 3, Korina in 4 and Durin on "just" 17 months. In short, if you want to upgrade Durin some day (that is, for free), start piling up the Supply Station runs.

Crunching the numbers (just for measure)

To follow, you need to understand a few mathematical concepts:

Now, when we have a known probability of something happening (as with the Hero Upgrade Chests), and a known amount of events (in this case 2x every 28 days) we just have to multiply them to get the average expected number of results. 40% is the same as 0,40, i.e. you expect t o get 0,4 Gold Knight Soul Shards every time you open a chest. Thus, 2x chests mean 0,8 expected shards for this period. This is the easy part.

Now, when we have a known probability of something happening, but this event is going to happen several times, we cannot simply assume this will "average out" as we've just done with the Mystery Reward. It will average out given enough attempts, but for relatively low probabilities like the 2% of the supply station, 28 tries will surely be too little. For this, we use Binomial Distribution. It has a formula, you just have to plug it into your favorite spreadsheet, that gives the odds of the even happening in 1 try, in 2 tries, etc. But more important, it gives the odds of it happening once, twice, etc. So, for example, on 12 daily tries of the Supply Run, each of them will have 20% of giving a chest, we have 20% of getting just one chest, 28% of getting two chests, 23% of getting three chests... 1% of getting six chests, and so on, until the chance of getting 12 chests, which is really, really low. We then multiply each event by its chances and add them all together (1*20 + 2*28 + 3*23 +...+ 6*1 +...) and the final result is ~2,40. This is the average number of chests you may expect to receive daily with that number of supply runs. As you can see, this is very close to the real average (which would be 12*0,2 = 2,4 exactly) but this is because the number of supply runs is big. When it's lower, there is a difference. Though we could have approximated in the long run.

After this, I made the same process with the 2%, 1,5%... of getting a shard from this chest. Although on the long run it can be also approximated to the arithmetic mean. So in short, you can do (following the previous example): 2,4 (coffers/day) * 28 days = 67,2 coffers/28 days * 0,02 (2% for Gold Knight Shard) = 1,344 shards/28 days.

I just realized that the Binomial Distribution part could have been completely ignored in favor of the arithmetic mean, since we will need to repeat the odds many, many times and it will average out at last. But this will (hopefully) help you understand why sometimes you will get a few chests in a row, other times none at all, and this is not at all surprising. For example, even with 12 supply runs/day, there is a 7% chance of not getting any chest, let alone a shard, on any given day. And there is a 5% chance of getting exactly five the next day, but only 1/2000 chance (100 times less) of getting eight.

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