Old Country

Toll Old Country

Despite it's name, the Lava Plains have been a peaceful place but your view from the Tundra plateau shows something has changed.

Heroic: No cannon

Mode Live/Wave/Good Exp/Gold Item Recs. Lv. Life/Atk scale
Easy 20/16/1200 490/80 Black Gold 12% 20 2/1
Heroic 5/1/1600 490/110 Black Gold 22%

Water Essence 14%

23 2.2/1
Hard 1/6/1550 490/155 Black Gold 22%

Water Essence 14% Notch Rock 30%

24 2.5/1


None yet.



Wave 1: Bersek Aborginal Warrior

Wave 2: Missing info



Wave 1

  • Top: Bersek Aborignal Warrior x62, Berserk Orc x5, Cerberusia x3, Enraged Ursa Captain x1, Lil Demon x22
  • Left: Berserk Orc x5, Lil Demon x34, Cerberusia x4, Enrage Ursa Captain x2


Wave 1

  • Top: Berserk Orc x24
  • Left: None

Wave 2

  • Top: Berserk Wolf x14, Hellboar x2, Enrage Ursa Captain x1
  • Left: Berserk Orc x8, Berserk Wolf x4, Hellboar x2

Wave 3

  • Top: Hellboar x12, Blood Bats x12
  • Left: Berserk Wolf x6, Hellboar x6

Wave 4

  • Top: Hellboar x3, Cerberusia x3, Lil Demon x12
  • Left: None

Wave 5

  • Top: Hellboar x9, Cerberusia x6, Lil Demon x10
  • Left: Hellboar x1, Lil Demon x6

Wave 6

  • Top: Lil Demon x20, Cerberusia x4
  • Left: Lil Demon x5, Cerberusia x1