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Mysterious Island is an island that has a lot of equipments for soldiers in the Camp. Its system looks like Crown Port.

Requires Kingdom level 25.

It's the main source of Common Shield, Common Boots, Common Medal, Excellent Shield, Excellent Boots, Excellent Medal, Hard wood and Treasure Map.

Start Treasure Search

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Only appears in Facebook and nothing else.


Each day you get 4 search and 2 assist uses.

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Each regular Search takes 20 minutes. Each Search Assist knocks-off a significant chunk of that time. The more players assisting, the quicker the trip will be.

VIP affects free daily searches and assist chance.

Search # Cost
1 Free
2 100 Gold
3 200 Gold
4 300 Gold

Note: You can also search using a Treasure Map, and each of those cost 20 diamonds.

Search assists are free. Gain 2 items if there is 0-1 other player assisting you, and 3 items if there are 2 other players assisting you.

When you are assisting somebody else, you gain 2x item if the assist group is 1-2 players and 3x item if the assist group is 4 players. Group count includes yourself.

You will also receive a Legendary Prize when completed exploring.


There are 6 different areas to explore, giving the opportunity to get different materials to upgrade the tents. The areas to explore get unlocked one by one when the corresponding material starts to get needed for an upgrade.

Area Name Camp


Rewards Boss
Regular Treasure Map
Viridescent Forest 1 3-5x Common Shield 11-15x Common Shield Wolf Canine
Pebble Pit 10 3-5x Common Medal 11-15x Common Medal Orc Vanguard
Salt Flats 20 3-5x Common Boots, 3% Hard wood 11-15x Common Boots, 25% Hard wood Soul Snatched
Wanderers Peak 30 3-5x Excellent Shield 11-15x Excellent Shield Bestial Nightmare
Mysterious Wasteland 45 3-5x Excellent Medal 11-15x Excellent Medal
Ancestral Battleground 60 3-5x Excellent Boots, 3% Hard wood 11-15x Excellent Boots, 25% Hard wood

Note *: Any tent at level X unlocks the area

You can also get extra items from following situations:

  • Traps (nothing)
  • Bandits (fight monsters and get full rewards). Notice: All monsters are from Boss Clash.
  • No Encounter (nothing)
  • Finding Treasures (nothing)


System compensate chest
There has been a/some bug(s) with this town building, and today, 2015-05-29, Shinezone fixed this/these bug(s). They also gave every players a compensation of 2000x Gold and 100x Common Shield.

Compensation due to bug