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Level Tax is one of your basic means of income. After you win a battle in the world, you unlock that scenario's taxes, and afterwards can claim taxes from there.

The Level Tax reward requires the same energy as playing the level. It also gives the same rewards of Kingdom Experience, Gold, and resources than playing the level would have given.

NOTE: There is a difference in the tax level between Easy, Heroic and Hard, as well as a difference as to what resources you might also get. Place the mouse over each tax icon (the coin with the crown in it) to see the various values.

You should claim as much Level Taxes as you can to further improve your Kingdom. See gold for estimations on how much you can gain daily from these rewards.


Claiming the tax from a level is instantaneous, just a click is needed, but there is a cool-down period of 5 minutes between collections from the same area. This is important, because the amount of tax money you collect goes up, the higher the level is. This means that if you want to maximize your income by claiming the best rewards repeatedly, you would need to wait for the cool-down period.

Although playing the level allows you to "skip" the cooldown, in practice all levels require more than 5 minutes to play, so it's in fact quicker to use the Level Tax.

Hero EXP Tradeoff

Main article: Hero Experience

Level Tax is quicker than playing the level, but doesn't give any Hero Experience. That is the crux of it. If you want Hero EXP (aside from the Training Grounds), you must play levels, but this is slow. This is a tradeoff the player must weigh. Leveling up heroes from battle Exp becomes very slow from Hero Level 20 onwards anyway (at level 19, you need 74 battles (a full day, maximizing use of energy) to go up a level. At level 20, this skyrockets to 176 battles).

However, if you have playing time to spare, it is useful to gain this, little at it may seem.