Jewel Crafter

Jewel Crafter is one of the game's buildings. It's also one of the main Gold sinks, since it's the only place you can spend Gold continuously without a cooldown and without limit. It's unlocked at Kingdom Level 13.

It is the main source of low level jewelry (as the name says). But the most important part is that it is the source of Tear of Shiva, of which you will need so many, that you can treat it as "an infinite number".

You have one free exploration each day as part of your Daily Tasks. Advice: Once you reach the Lava Soil, stop exploring and wait for it. See "Strategy" section below for full details.



Pay a certain amount of gold (200, 400, 800, 1600 or 3200) to have an "exploration" of one scenario (City Territory, Cold Land, Lava Soil, Death Desert, Endless Swamp). As a reward, you get a Tear of Shiva for each 100 gold spent (so the City Territory gives 2, the Lava Soil gives 8, etc). Furthermore, you have a certain chance of getting a jewel, and a chance to discover a way to the next scenario.

At the start, you can only explore the City Territory. Here you can find a Lv 1 jewel and/or the way to The Cold Lands. Both are random. Then, if you find the way to the Cold Lands, you can pay 400 gold to explore. You have a random chance to find the way to the Lava Soil and/or more gems. And so on, and so forth.

Once you explore an area, and no matter if you find something or not, you lose the way to the scenario just explored. So, if you want to explore, e.g. The Cold Lands twice, you have to

  1. Find the way once, by exploring the City Territory
  2. Explore The Cold Land
  3. Explore The City Territory again until you find the way again.
  4. Explore the Cold Land again.

And so on, and so forth.


First of all, consider that Tears of Shiva are a sure thing, and they are not affected by the scenario they are gained from. Thus, the scenario only matters for jewels.

TL; DR version

  1. Explore the City and the Cold Land daily until you unlock the Lava Soil. Then wait for the free explore the next day. If you unlock Death Desert/Endless swamp, save them too for the free explore. This way you save ~42%, on average, of the exploring costs, for the same result.
  2. Forget about getting Lv.4 jewels directly. ~92% of Lv.4 jewels will come from forging lower level ones.
  3. The average price tag of a Lv.4 jewel is 16972 gold. This can be lowered to 10166 gold with the previous tips.

Unlocking areas

These are the chances to get to the next area:

  • City Territory (200 Gold): 50%
  • Cold Land (400 Gold): 40%
  • Lava Soil (800 Gold): 30%
  • Death Desert (1600 Gold): 20%
  • Endless Swamp (3200 Gold)

This way, is very difficult to reach the Endless Swamp to explore, requiring (all of these are averaged amounts for the long run and can vary very much among individual attempts):

  • To reach Cold Land: 400 gold
  • To reach Lava Soil: 1000 gold from Cold Land, 2000 gold from the start.
  • To reach Death Desert: 2666 gold from Lava Soil, 9333 gold from the start
  • To reach Endless Swamp: 8000 gold from Death Desert, 54666 gold from the start.
Hidden explanation
You can't simply sum the cost of each one. Each 400 gold spent on Cold Land require (on average) another 400 spent on City Territory to reach it first. So to spend 1000 gold there you need (on average) another 1000 gold spent on City. Then each 800 gold spent on lava Plains require the previous 2000 gold to reach it, so to spend the 2666 gold (3,3 explorations) you need to spend 3,3 * 2000 = 6666 gold from the start. And each 1600 gold spent on Death Desert require the 9333 gold to reach it first, so to spend 8000 gold you have to spend 5*9333 = 46666 gold.

Getting jewels

There are the probabilities to get gems of each level (the color is random):

Probability of getting a jewel
ZoneCostLv 1Lv 2Lv 3Lv 4
City Territory20025%
Cold Land40020%25%
Lava Soil80025%30%
Death Desert160020%40%
Endless Swamp320025%30%

Running numbers

Consider also that to unlock and explore a certain territory, you will have explored, on average, the other territories a certain number of times:

Land explored Implies exploring the rest this many times
CityCold LandLava SoilDeath DesertEndless swamp
Cold Land21
Lava Soil52,51
Death Desert16,668,333,331
Endless Swamp83,3341,6616,6651

Each of these, of course, will give jewels by their own percentages.

Cost of Lv.4 Jewels

In real numbers, you can expect to directly win a Lv 4 jewel, on average, for each ~200.000 gold spent here (and only if you always explore the most expensive map available). So, as a general guideline, you can forget about getting Lv 4 Jewels directly from the Jewel Crafter (since they can only be found on the Endless Swamp). Stockpile lower-level stones and then fire up the Forge.

A curious effect of running the numbers is that the number of stones won from repeated runs is quite high. For example, for the aforementioned 200k gold you won't just win your Lv 4 jewel. You will also get (on average, it bears repeating) 100x of Lv.1, 57x of Lv.2 and 25x of Lv.3 Supposing you forge all the stones to higher levels, you would get a little over 12 Lv.4 jewels. And the gold needed to forge them (11.500 gold) is also not great compared to the total gold needed for explorations. The final average price for each Lv 4 jewel would be 16972 gold.


This would be even lower if we consider the free explorations. To spend 200.000 gold we'd need ~510 total explorations. But from them, ~288 would be in City, ~144 on Cold Land, ~58 on Lava Soil and just ~17 on Death Desert and ~4 on Endless Swamp. If you refuse to spend gold for Lava Soil and above and instead wait for the Daily Free Explore (and supposing you always have gold on hand to explore until you unlock Lava Soil (2000 gold on average, which shouldn't be difficult) you would be spreading your explorations over 79 days, but you would save ~85.000 gold, 42% of the total cost. The cost of each Lv.4 lewel would then be "just" 10166 gold. The Lava Soil is very important. If you are in a hurry and only stop at the Death Desert for the daily free explore, you would only need to spread your spending over 21 days, but you would "only" save ~39.000 gold, 19% of total cost, leaving Lv.4 jewels price tag on 13865 gold.

Against low-level repeats

Through this strategy section, we've always considered that once you unlock a map, you explore it immediately, or else wait for the daily free exploration. That is, you explore the City and unlock the Cold Lands. You either explore the Cold Lands or stop. Don't explore the City again until you need to. Why should it be so is, supposing I have unlocked the Lava Soil and I'm saving it for the free exploration. Why shouldn't I explore the City a few times more, looking for Tear of Shiva?

The same numbers we've run on previous sections can be run against the supposition that we limit ourselves to certain maps.

If for example, limit to the City territory, we would (on the same 200k gold spent) make 1000 explorations, getting (on average) 250 Lv.1 jewels. How does that compare? Well, not good. Upgrading all those Lv.1 jewels until you get Lv.4 ones does not cost more than other options, just 16k gold on top of the 200k from exploring. But the total number of Lv.4 jewels is much lower. Just a little below 4 stones. Thus, the price you've paid for these stones is steep ~55k gold/jewel.

Running both City and Cold Land is a little better. After all the upgrading is done, you will have spent ~215k gold for 6,64 stones. The final price is 32435 gold/jewel. Still doubles the option recommended (and is three times the discount option).

Running the first three scenarios (City, Cold Lands and Lava Soil) improves the equation quite a bit more. The final price tag is 19005 gold/stone. Problem is you are not using the free explores, thus the bill soars against the discounted price of 10166 gold.

You may think these are extreme examples, because you're not spending 200k gold on repeats. But the problem is, the percentages are the same! Spend 1000 or 100.000 Gold, doesn't matter. The part of the Gold you spend on low-level repeats is giving you substantially less, because you're essentially erasing the "good parts": the unlocking of higher maps. So if you want to spend additional gold, don't bother on running the City again: go whole hog and explore the higher maps.

  • The best satisfaction is, when we have free Endless Swamp.