Heroes are individual units you can use in battle. Players can use max 3 heroes together in battle.

Heroes are stronger than other units. You can control them individually and deploy them anywhere in the map, giving you strategic flexibility with them. Plus, they can stagger enemies as effectively as infantry or militia, and all of them except Sir Lance Alotte have ranged attacks, useful against Fliers. If a hero strikes the killing blow to an enemy, you will receive 19% more goods from that kill. If a hero dies in battle it takes 100 seconds (or a Phoenix Feather) for him/her to be revived.

Heroes are an important part of your Battle Power.

There are four different heroes available. You will start the game with one (Sir Lance Alotte, the Vord Knight) while you can recruit the rest at the tavern.

This page covers the common characteristics of the heroes. Please see the details for each hero on their individual pages.

Hero Vord Knight Icon Sir Lance Alotte Hero Robin Eagleye IconRobin Eagleye Hero Korina Chantress IconKorina Chantress Hero Durin Atomika IconDurin Atomika

Hero Buildings

The following buildings are directly associated with the heroes:

These buildings are indirectly associated with the heroes:

Heroes and Soldiers

Main article: Hall of Heroes
Main article: Soldiers

Each hero is associated with a type of soldier: Sir Lance Alotte with the infantry, Robin Eagleye with the archers, Korina Chantress with the mages and Durin Atomika with the cannoneers. Once you have recruited a hero, you can improve the PVP stats of the associated soldiers from the Hall of Heroes.

Improving Heroes

Heroes can improve by

Hero Levels

Heroes level up when they accumulate enough Hero Experience. See that page for more details.


Main article: Equipments

Equipping heroes with helmets, armor, weapons, and charms can increase specific stats and their battle power.


Main article: Jewelry

Jewelry can be embedded in Heroes to increase a specific stat and their battle power.


Talents are unlocked in the Hall of Heroes. You need to click the button "Talents" on the main screen for each hero, which is unlocked at hero level 10.

There are 8 talents for each hero. See details on each individual hero's page.

Strategy tip: You should not buy Talents at first, but Skills. And even then, you should save your Dark Soul Crystals to upgrade towers first. See Honor Star and Dark Soul Crystal pages for the reasons of this strategy.

Talents are tiered. Learning talents costs Dark Soul Crystals and Honor Stars. Some of them are prerequisites for others.

  • Sir Lance Alotte and Robin Eagleye
  • Tier 1: Requires level 10, 2x Dark Soul Crystal, 2000x Honor Stars
  • Tier 2: Requires level 20, 5x Dark Soul Crystal, 5000x Honor Stars
  • Tier 3: Requires level 30, 10x Dark Soul Crystal, 10000x Honor Stars
  • Tier 4: Requires level 40, 15x Dark Soul Crystal, 15000x Honor Stars
  • Korina Chantress and Durin Atomika
  • Tier 1: Requires level 10, 5x Dark Soul Crystal, 5000x Honor Stars
  • Tier 2: Requires level 20, 10x Dark Soul Crystal, 10000x Honor Stars
  • Tier 3: Requires level 30, 15x Dark Soul Crystal, 15000x Honor Stars
  • Tier 4: Requires level 40, 20x Dark Soul Crystal, 20000x Honor Stars


Learning Skills

Skills are learned in the Hall of Heroes, on the main screen for each hero.

Each hero can have 5 skills. See details on each individual hero's page.

Skills have to be unlocked sequentially (first skill, then second skill, and so on). Each skill needs 2x Dark Soul Crystal to unlock.

The first, third, and fifth skills are passives while the second and fourth are active, automatic abilities used in world battles with cooldown timers. The first skill requires level 5, the second skill level 10, the third skill level 15, the fourth level 20, and the fifth requires level 25.

Strategy tip: At first, you would do better to unlock Tower Upgrades instead of skills. See Dark Soul Crystal page for details.

Improving Skills


Improving skills require Upgrade Tome. To upgrade a skill, you need the corresponding level of Upgrade Tome (one level higher than the current skill level). If you don't have the required tome, you can pay the upgrade with Diamonds instead.

You can synthesize upgrade tomes at the Forge. This process uses two tomes of the same level to create a tome of the next level, so a upgrade tome level 4 would need 8x level 1 Upgrade Tomes to be created. Due to the exponential nature of creating higher level upgrade tomes, it is recommended to level up skills equally. Save the Level 1 Tomes, unlock skills, upgrade first level, rinse and repeat. This is far more efficient than leveling up a single skill like crazy.

Skill levels have an level limit of 12.

Level 123456789 10 11 12
BP 75150 300 500 1000 1800 3600 6500 12500
Item Item Upgrade Tome Item Upgrade Tome Level 2 Item Upgrade Tome Level 3 Item Upgrade Tome Level 4 Item Upgrade Tome Level 5 Item Upgrade Tome Level 6 Item Upgrade Tome Level 7 Item Upgrade Tome Level 8 Item Upgrade Tome Level 9 Item Upgrade Tome Level 10
Tome math
Tome math: (The correct calculation is: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512=1023 Tome 1's to upgrade from level 1 to level 11. Each hero needs 1023*5=5115 Tome 1's to upgrade all 5 skills. The heroes needs 5115*4=20460 Tome 1's in total to upgrade all their skills. The prize for one Tome 1 is 25 Diamonds, so total cost in Diamonds is 20460*25=511500. Standard prize for 100 Diamonds is 10USD, so if you want to buy the skills with Diamonds you will need to spend 51150$ just to upgrade all the skills to max!)


Main article: Augment


Main article: Rank

Rank is shown as a letter, from "C" to "A", with a "+" between levels (from C to C+ to B to B+ to A)

Upgrading Rank improves several stats of the heroes, plus higher level improvements of heroes. The rank is upgraded at the Hall of Heroes, requires that the hero is level 30+ and items that are specific to each hero: Gold Knight Soul Shard, Warrior Ranger Soul Shard, Legendary Mage Soul Shard, Explosive Expert Soul Shard

See the individual heroes' pages for the effect of Rank in them

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