Forge bldg

Forge is one of the game's buildings. It unlocks at Kingdom Level 17.

Forge has three areas within it: Combine, Armory and Technology Factory.


Main article: Synthesize

Unlocks at Kingdom Level 17.

Here you can synthesize several resources into their higher-level counterparts. Each synth costs 200 gold, some cost 500 gold.

The process also generates the potential for a cooldown period, however early on it can take five or more uses to actually reach the level where you have to wait.

The most common use for this process when this area first becomes available is the forging of four like color gems (or jewelry in game language) of the same level into the level one higher. This is a common way to increase the Battle Power and abilities of your heroes.  

NOTE: The combining of jewels can also be accessed from the Jewelry page in the Training Ground, however to actually give the improved gem to the hero requires re-entering the Training Ground, and the Jewelry sub-tab.


Unlocks at Kingdom Level 25.

Here you can create Elite and Wicked quality equipment from base parts and shards.

This process requires acquiring Shards (which are pieces of broken Orc equipment) and combining them to rebuild that item.  

Shards are mainly received from the Blitz Acres.

Elite quality items can be forged from elite shards.

Wicked items can be forged from wicked shards, which are forged from elite shards.

Some Legendary items are forger from shards gained in events.

Either process can be accomplished using "Normal Armoring" (Once per server day, 60% chance of success, destroy one of the shards at random if you fail) or "Gold Hammer" (100% Success, costs 50 diamonds). It's usually recommended to patiently use your daily free Hammer, although you may be tempted to use the Golden one when the shard that may be destroyed is a Wicked one.

VIP level 3 increases the daily Armoring chance to 80%.

Technology Factory

Unlocks at Kingdom Level 32.

Important: When Researching or Smelting equipment, the enhancement level that is already on the piece of equipment will remain on it. E.g. An Elite Orc Axe (tier 20) enhanced to level 18 will smelt to an Elite Staff of Vigor (tier 30) enhanced to level 18.

Equipment Research

This feature allows a player to increase the quality of a piece of equipment (e.g. Wicked -> Slaughtering).

Researched equipments retain their current enhancement level when improved to the higher tier item. Currently the displayed BP for researching from elite gear to wicked gear is incorrect. When you research the gear it will correct itself to the proper BP. Example : Level 70 Elite Strongbow with 11424 BP will display a level 60 Wicked Sword of the Brave with 11324 BP. After researching, the Sword of the Brave will instead have the proper amount of BP, which is 12446. You do not lose BP by researching elite gear that is already enhanced.

Stones are very common, while moonstones are extremely rare. It is better to spend stones to smelt a wicked 30 item up to wicked 60, and then to research it to Slaughtering item, rather than researching an elite 60 item to brave 50, then again to slaughtering 20. Since you get dozens of stones a day (if you disassemble all gear you get from Blitz Acres, both specials and elite 50's, or even 40's if you do not need them), but only a handful of moonstones a month, this is the better method to obtain the most slaughtering gear. The only exception is if you have highly enhanced elite gear already. By researching it to brave, you save tens of thousands of gold and dozens of grindstones because elite is cheaper to enhance. You will have to decide on your own how much you value moonstones compared to the gold and grindstone you can save this way.


Note that not all equipment can be smelted or researched. Some event items are exempted from this feature. We'll provide a list of known exceptions:

  • Party Hat
  • Wicked Steel Sword
  • (still incomplete, feel free to add)

Equipment Research Cost

Enhancement level - will be the same after research.

Tier (needed Hero level) - the requirement will be reduced.

This means that after research the equipment will have increased stats but reduced Battle Power.

Quality (Input)

Tier Reduction

Gold Honor Dark Soul Crystals Moonstones Quality (Output)
Elite 10 5000 5000 1 10 Brave
Wicked 30 10000 10000 3 20 Slaughtering
Brave Slaughtering
Keel 50000 10000 15 40 Keel (orange)

Equipment Smelting

This feature allows a player to increase the Hero-level requirement by 10 levels, thus increasing the stats and the Battle Power of the Equipment. Please note that the chart given here indicates a range of input Enhancement levels. The smelting process ALWAYS adds 10 levels to the required Hero level to wear. It costs Gold, Stones and Grindstones.

Quality (input) Tier Stones Gold Grindstones
Common 1-20 3 90 0
Common 30-50 6 180 2
Special 1-20 5 150 2
Special 30-50 10 300 4
Elite 1-10 15 450 4
Elite 20 30 900 4
Elite 30 30 900 6
Elite 40-50 60 1800 6
Wicked 10-20 30 900 6
Wicked 30-40 60 1800 8
Wicked 40-50 90 2700 8
Wicked 60-70 90 2700 10
Wicked 70-80 180 5400 10

For the list of costs of orange equipment (Slaughtering Equipment) you should look on that page.

Wicked30to40            Wicked50to60