Fighting Pits
Fighting Pits is one of the game's buildings. Unlocks at Kingdom Level 10.

You can challenge other players here in PVP battles. You have 10 free battles per day, and can spend diamonds for extra battles. This is part of your Daily Tasks.

The Fighting Pits is the main place to get Dark Soul Crystals (besides some quests and events, which offer a very limited number, and one/month from the Daily Check), which are supremely important to the advancement of your kingdom. See "Rewards" below for more details.

  • Set Army: You can change your army formation (see below)
  • Battle Log: You can check/replay recent battles to understand your opponents (limit 10)

Pit Mechanics

  • You see five possible opponents. You can only see players on your Battle Group.
  • The rank determines what players you can challenge. You cannot change this, but the rank and order changes frequently as players win and lose battles.
  • Lower position is better rank, and #1 is the best. You can only see five opponents who are lower than yourself.
  • The outcome of a battle is determined by your Battle Power and soldiers you can deploy, as well as the layout of your towers versus your opponents. (see Barracks for an in-game reminder of the strength chart)
  • Deployment limit can be increased at the Barracks and through Soldiers option of the Hall of Heroes.
  • You don't lose soldiers in these battles, even if the battle result screen says so.
  • The victor takes the defeated player's rank on the Leaderboard. If you lose a battle with someone who is behind you, your rank will go down.
  • The better you are, the slower your progress (see Strategy below)
Fighting Pits Main Screen


For every single victory you gain 300 gold and 50 - 75 Honor Stars (depends on consecutive victories) and for every defeat you gain 100 Gold and 10 Honor Stars. There's 10% chance of getting an Invigorate.

Rewards are given every 72 hours and can be checked in the Fighting Pits. ("Check Rank Rewards"). Your rewards depend on your rank at the time the rewards are given. This is extremely important because this is the main place where you get Dark Soul Crystals, which are required for most of the upgrades, and all of the most important ones.

As you increase your rank in Fighting Pits you can gain more valuable rewards. Though the full table is below, the absolute requirement for any moderately serious player is rank 300. Below rank 300 you start to receive 2x Dark Soul Crystal every three days, which allows for a moderate kingdom advancement. Above this, you only get 1x crystal every three days, and that makes you progress way too slow. Although it may seem tempting to look for the 3x Dark Soul Crystal bonus that happens at Rank 60 and below, this objective is currently very hard to achieve without paying considerable amounts of diamonds for improvements, and the ranks 20 and below (4 dark crystals, and more) are currently only achievable for heavy players. The free-to-play player's aim should be to reach under rank 300, and stay consistently there.

Rank Gold Dark Soul Crystal Rainbow Ore Earth Essence
1 20000 10 30 30
2 15000 8 25 25
3 10000 6 20 20
4~10 8000 5 15 12
11~20 6500 4 12 9
21~30 5250 3 12 9
31~40 5000 3 12 9
41~50 4750 3 12 9
51~60 4500 3 8 6
61~70 4500 2 8 6
71~80 4250 2 8 6
81~90 4000 2 8 6
91~100 3750 2 4 3
101~150 3500 2 4 3
151~200 3250 2 4 3
201~300 3000 2 2 2
301~400 3000 1 2 2
401~500 3000 1
501~1000 2750 1
1001~2000 2500 1
2001~4000 2250 1
4001~6000 2000
>6000 1750


You can check your Battle Log to see who attacked you and track rank changes, and set your army setup. Changing position of soldiers gives some advantages. Some types of attacks are better against others. The advantages are as follows:
Strength chart
  • If at all possible, it is really important to advance quickly and get under the top 60 (or at least top 300). It will just get harder and at the beginning of the game it's still relatively feasible...
  • If you plan to spend money, go for Battle Power and Troop Quantity.
  • Catch up the timing for the reward. If you let you rank slip for a day, make it not the day the reward is due.
  • Use the battle log to study your opponents to change your army for formation advantages.
  • Take notes. Some players do not bother to change their formation. If you study them, you'll steamroll them.
  • After level 35
    • Add the Prison battles to your notes to know the power of other enemies.
    • Remember their Battle Power will go up and down with prisoners (yours will too, go get some!), and the Prison formation may not be the same as the Fighting Pits one (use this to your advantage, don't make them the same).
  • Kingdom Level is not completely correlated to BP. Experiment, and don't be afraid to attack higher-leveled players. Same in reverse: a lower level enemy is not always easy or even possible to defeat.
  • There is an element of chance, so if all else fails, try again, or against another player.
  • You can always attack the player right before you. The other 4 positions are spaced evenly, with higher ranks being able to "jump" more spaces.
    • Ranks 3000+ jump are every 50 players (you can advance a maximum of 201 ranks by one fight).
    • Ranks 3000-1000 "jump" are every 30 players (max 121 ranks by one fight)
    • Ranks 1000-400? "jump" are every 10 players (max 41 ranks by one fight)
    • Ranks 400?-200 "jump" are every 5 players (max 21 ranks by one fight)
    • Ranks 200-100 jump are every 2 players (max 9 ranks by one fight)
    • Ranks 100-1 jump are every 1 player (max 5 ranks by one fight)
  • If you are in the limit of a rank, it may be beneficial to you to time your jump to get the most benefit. E.g. Rank 201 can still jump 21 ranks into rank 180, but rank 200 can jump at max to rank 191. You can do this by deliberately not jumping as much as you can, or by waiting until other player defeats you.
  • Conversely, if you just entered a better rank, try to burrow yourself deeper than the limit. To take you out of rank 300, they can come from up to 21 places behind you. Make sure you go lower than rank 280 to mitigate this risk.
Efficient use of battle attempts
  • Group your attacks in pairs of attempts. One to learn the formation of your enemy, the next one to defeat him. Don't let much time pass between the two attempts, because your target may move. If on the first battle you see too big a difference of power, change target.
  • If the two highest enemies you can attack are too powerful to defeat, wait. They will probably climb even higher, unlocking easier targets for you.
  • Save a few battles (and a few capture attempts too to have maximum power for battle!), especially on reward day (the last 24 hours before the reward). If you're aiming to claim a certain reward, don't bother going as far as you can into the ranks. If you want your 2 Dark Soul Crystals a day, you need to be at position 299 by the end of the reward day. A better rank will just give you menial extra rewards, just a little bit of gold and resources. So don't risk a disastrous chain of defeats. Climb to a defensible position (say, 250) and save 4-5 battles. Then, you check often during the day. If you are defeated, take advantage of the battle log, learn the formation of your opponent, and beat him or her with a strong formation. You're back to your post and to the wait. Even more so if you climb into the 100's. If you are at 150 and defeated, wait until successive defeats bring you back into the 200's to take advantage of the 21-rank jump.
  • After you win a battle, change your formation so the player you defeated cannot use the log to optimize his formation against you. But take care not to use the exact opposite formation, for some players will not change formation between battles.
  • Sometimes it may be efficient to max win battles, not rank. Because next rank rewards differs on few hundred of gold (once three day) and win/lose rewards differs on two hundred of gold (and your have 30 battles in three days). Of course, if your could get additional darksoul crystall, you should try. But if you have rank of, e.g. 150, you will certainly get two and not get three of them, and you may concentrate on more wins. If you allways fight the two lowest enemies you will win more battles but have not so hight rank, use it wisely!

Battle Mechanics

Details on battle mechanics are unclear, and mostly guesswork. The actual battle as displayed is fake, because it's differs from replay to replay.

The number of lost soldiers stays the same for identical battles, so the four soldier/hero kinds are considered seperately, and not just the total BP.

The attacker on the left side has an advantage. Also, prisoner BP is confirmed to play a role. This has been inferred by a test series of battles between two players using the same line-up, with very similar number of soldiers, and close total BP and soldier improvements, varying the actual BP by varying captured prisoners. The attacker's advantage is in the ballpark of 10% of total BP, give or take a bit.